Designed for the cellular industry from the ground-up


Feature-rich retail and wholesale management solutions built with active feedback from industry leaders and everyday users


A robust platform built on enterprise-class infrastructure provides always-on access and data-security regardless of scale required.


Seamless integration with industry-leading Payment platforms and Carriers help streamline operations.

Get software that adapts to your needs – not the other way around

Your business needs are unique, and a cookie-cutter solution is just not going to work. Instead of trying to adjust your business model, our consultants will work to provide a customized solution that fits you like a glove.

Are you managing your business like it’s 2015?

  • Change happens fast

  • No one needs to be told that business environment is changing at warp speed. Carriers change promotions and compensation rules frequently. Customers are adapting new technologies and expect businesses to do the same and stay engaged with them.
  • We respond quickly

  • Our software solutions are continually evolving to stay ahead of the curve. Through our active involvement with decision-makers at Carriers, Payment providers and end-users, we receive valuable feedback. That helps us design useful features and processes and bring value to all our partners and customers.
  • Everyone keeps pace

  • We regularly release software updates with these features and technological improvements to provide the best experience for all users. The software updates are always free to all customers.

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Get a real-time view of business activity across all your locations from anywhere, anytime – enter Sales and Activation, view Profit, Cash on hand, Inventory levels, Employee activities and a lot more.

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Software that’s designed for your specific business typeGet a version with core features for your business, then customize it as needed

Retail Solutions
Designed for Retailers
Customized editions for:
Carrier-branded stores
Prepaid retailers
Repair specialty shops
Enterprise Solutions
For Distributors & Wholesalers
Editions available for:
Equipment Distributors
MVNOs and Prepaid wholesalers
Master Agents [White-label solutions]
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About Wireless Manager

Wireless Manager provides retail management solutions for wireless industry, enabling our customers to manage their operations easily and efficiently. Our products incorporate latest and most efficient technologies leading to elegantly designed, simple to use, yet powerful & feature-rich applications.